Monday, September 27, 2010

someone's very disappointed....

I really should stay away from the 'stat' button on my Blogger dashboard...but this one cracked me up.  someone found my blog via a Google search.  weight loss, diets, size 12 - those have been searches in the past.  There was even one about speedos that came to my blog (ya, I'm sure they were disappointed too...)

But this one takes the cake and has me cracking up.  Someone found my blog for searching for:

Sexy Motorcycle Model

BAHAHAHAHAHAH...sorry folks.  I do ride a husband thinks I'm sexy...and I have posed for pictures which technically makes me a "model" by definition, right?  But I don't think that I'm what someone had in mind when they used those search terms. 

Oh well.  maybe someday! 

Off to go running - 3.2 miles tonight.  I was waiting for hubby to get home but I haven't heard from him, he's hard at work, so I've got to go get these miles under my belt. 



midlife_swimmer said...

LOL!!! I cant even tell you what came up on mine recently! its awful!

Anonymous said...

Own the sexy motorcycle model!! Hello?!?! hahahaha!! That is so awesome good for you.

spunkysuzi said...

I'm too afraid to look :)