Thursday, September 23, 2010

things I can do now that I couldn't do at 300+ pounds

I wish I could find the list of things I dreamed of doing when I first considered Gastric Bypass.  I'm sure it contained some of the "usual" ones:  cross my legs, fit comfortably at the movies/airplane/behind the steering wheel, get up off the floor gracefully, walk a flight of stairs without stopping, play with my kids, swing in a swing, and a few others I've since forgotten. 

What I didn't realize is all the OTHER things I would be able to do.  This line of thinking is prompted by my husband's question to me tonight.  He asked "how's the blog going - did you tell them about riding motorcycles for 2 full days?!" and then he asked "do you talk about the things you do on a regular basis that you couldn't have done at 300 pounds??"

The answer was no.  I haven't been 300 pounds in about 9 years.  But recently I was 240 pounds.  January.  240 pounds.  It wasn't as bad as 300 - but it wasn't good either. 

So here's my list.  Of things I can do now that I couldn't do at 300 or even 240 pounds:

  • Take a 2 day physically demanding motorcycle class
  • cross my legs - anywhere anytime
  • fit in every chair
  • run
  • run far
  • run long distance
  • sign up for a boot camp without worrying about being embarassed
  • go golfing with work
  • shop without trying clothes on
  • look in a full length mirror and find parts of my body that I can't stop staring at
  • and touching those parts of my body (oh - not that you dirty birds!)
  • believing my husband when he tells me I look hot
  • wearing form fitting clothes
  • bicycling
  • swimming
  • running
  • events with all 3!!
  • racing motorcycles
  • safety gear for motorcycling
  • folding my legs under me in the movie theater
  • lap top ON my lap
  • sexy underclothes NOT from Lane Bryant (while they look sexy, the amount of material involved cancelled sexy out for me)
  • hand me downs from people I admire
  • borrowing clothes when the weather turns unexpectedly
  • jeans that I can wear out of the dryer Every. Single.  Time.
  • Looking forward to doctor appointments instead of dreading "The Lecture"
  • confidence and self esteem

what things do you enjoy at the weight you are now?  What are you looking forward to?  I'm certainly enjoying life to a level I really never dreamed of at 300 pounds.  I'm looking forward to running farther and faster, discovering a whole new list of new things I can do, not letting my weight hold me back from ANYTHING.  That's what I'm looking forward to.  Life is full of hope. 



RockStarTri said...

The most important one on the list is confidence and self esteem. Well done.

Kelly said...

I see you decided to befriend my blog that I never fill out because I have been too down and out to write there, although I do refer to my blog selection of others daily. I have started and stopped dieting so many times it is unbelievable. I see that you are making excellent progress! What are you doing? I am trying WW for the millionth time, starting over hoping this time will be the time I finally lose that last 50lbs. My highest was 238, now weighing in at 210 lb. Good luck on your journey, I will set a place for your blog in my favs.

Findingfitme said...

excellent list. The crossing legs thing got me too. I thought I just wasn't a leg crosser. Well now that I CAN, I DO.