Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today marks one month - and paying attention

It's been one month already - no, not that...but no candy!!  That's right - no so much as a dinner mint.  There's still been some sweets, but really I'm not that big of a sweets fan - the candy was more habit and easy to grab than anything. It's still habit - I still struggle a little with wanted to grab it first - when I'm at the gas station, when I'm hungry, sad, angry, frustrated.  Somehow my brain still thinks candy makes it ok. 

But I'm abstaining.  And it's been one month.

And I've been without chips for...let me count ( embarassing is that?!), well, not even a week (why does it feel like so much longer?!).  I had one night at dinner that without thinking I ate some tortilla chips (Mexican restaurant) - but that just reinforced the fact that this is all about breaking HABITS. 

It's funny how much of our day we spend doing things without thinking about it - for some it's their jobs, for some it's driving, for some it's eating.  For me it's a lot of that.  And more...I spend a good portion of my day just shut off...or thinking about the next thing I'm supposed to be doing or the next place I'm supposed to be, or the next person I'm supposed to help.  Trying to stay one step ahead.  But that leads to not being present.  Not being THERE when I'm talking to my family, driving in the car (can they outlaw driving and daydreaming?), or eating.  I do a lot of that without paying attention.  It's dangerous - to my relationships, to my driving, to my health. 

I have to start PAYING ATTENTION

That's the bottom line. 

I'll leave you all to ponder how much of your day you actually pay attention to....



99ToGo said...

Yeah for a month with no candy!! That's an incredible milestone, and good stuff for your health too :) I found you over at Real Fat, and thought I'd drop by...

midlife_swimmer said...

ok I am rolling laughing at "men in speedos"

and what aquathon? is it in the NW?

LauraLynne said...

yes - it's a new race here in Seattle (Mercer Island actually)

It was a swim/run - either 500m swim followed by a 5k run or double that. Sponsored by Dillitante Chocolate (yum...)

Race reports under "evening of successes"

Miss S. said...

I totally agree with the not paying attention. It's so easy to think about the other things you have to do or goals, food......whatever, it's easy to miss what's in front of our faces.

A month with no candy is a great idea-especially this time of year when the holiday bowls will be turning up every where!

Diz said...

I'm a candy and chip-o-holic too. And I want some candy right now too. But i'm abstaining too! Get out the gum!!!!