Friday, September 17, 2010


not feeling well (still have a nasty cough), home alone, and stress.  The Perfect Storm.  But it's nearly dinner time and still no binge.  I didn't plan out meals for today so it was that much more of a struggle when you add actual hunger to the equation.  But I'm making it.  The day's not over.  But I'm through the worst of it.  I wanted more than anything to dive into a giant bag of chips - who would know?  I was alone, hungry, stressed, have a cold, have a race tomorrow - all the "reasons" I needed in the past.  Today I made it through with healthy choices.  A PB&J on sandwich thin, a pear, a granola bar.  No chips.  No candy.  Tonight's meal is pasta - carb loading for tomorrow's triathalon (#82 in the house!! *huZZah*).

I'm proud of myself for pushing through.  Minute by minute, hour by hour.  But it's hard.  There's no doubt about it.  It's still hard.  And it might always be. 

I'm off in the morning for a long weekend away.  I intended to post up in advance but didn't get around to it today - so that's going to have to wait.  I'll have my laptop with me, it will be a matter of finding time to blog!  I will post race results tomorrow as soon as I can! 

Until then!



Anonymous said...

Good luck! Have a great time!

Findingfitme said...

Can't wait to hear about the race.