Friday, September 24, 2010

Yet another benefit of losing weight...

not all my aches and pains are due to weight.  When my back hurts, it's because I've been OVER active...not because i'm overWEIGHT. 

my active weekend has left me in pain - not injury, not chronic ache - but "oh boy, you've got MUSCLES" kind of ache. 

I'm off to take a tylenol and then head out golfing - I've never golfed before - wish me luck!



Lisa said...

sounds fun! :) I can't wait for that good ache...

Patrick said...

I love golf, and I look forward to next spring and getting out there and not being completely drenched in sweat ona 68F day from the walk around the course.

Have fun out there today and congrats on the NSV here os no back pain do to your weight.

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