Thursday, October 7, 2010

geesh - I completely forgot. *sigh*

tonight we attended a car meeting - and ate at a burger joint.  I did well on my selections, no problem there.  And we went up to the ice cream cooler and picked out our ice cream.  I was so proud of myself - I asked for 1/2 scoop of each of the sherberts I wanted - Lime and Raspberry - my favorites!!  We took our treats back to the table and I was composing my "I'm so proud of myself" blog already (please tell me other people do this... and I put the spoon to my mouth and my brain finally kicked in. 

*I forgot*

no sugar.  Sherbert has sugar. 

So, sadly, here's the result:
A melting dish of uneaten ice cream. 

And I'm sad.  Not because I went hungry or anything, but because I forgot. I didn't even feel deprived necassarily.  Just disappinted because it's not easy.  I want this to be easy. I really want it to be easy.  But I know it's not.  I've lived it all my life - it's not easy.  But I keep hoping.  Like checking the lotto ticket you buy once a week.  You hope, you pray, but deep down you know the odds. 
Weightloss - and eating - isn't under a random system though.  They're in your control - sort of.  It's not easy.  We all know least we have the basics.  We're all in the process of working out the finer details and finding what works for us.  But more often than not I underestimate how hard it is.  Even after a lifetime of trying to figure it out.
The good news is that I DID remember - and before I ate any (ok - it touched my lips but I didn't take a bite!)
And I was reminded again that it's hard work.  But I'm worth it...



Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Screw easy. Nothing really good is ever easy. Not marriage not parenthood and certainly not losing weight. Give yourself credit. You didn't eat it. You caught yourself. Gold stars for you today!!

Mind Over Fatter said...

Wow, don't beat yourself up about this, I think you did fantastic! The key is you stopped and actually I think that was harder to do then to walk by the serving counter!!! So be very proud!

Crystal Escobar said...

Wow, your before and after pics are AMAZING!!! Good for you for all your hard work. I just came across your blog somehow, what an inspiration you are to so many women.
Now following your blog :)