Friday, October 29, 2010

hard day - food struggles...

Today is our annual Halloween chili cookoff.   I've been helping set it up.  Which is fine except - I'm hungry. 

Not physically hungry.  Maybe a little physically hungry - but emotionally I want to start eating now and not stop until 5pm.  There's chips and chili and cornbread and candy corn.  Taffy too!  And I've walked past the bowl of candy no less than a dozen times and I'm on the verge of duct taping my arms to my side.  They seem to reach out to the bowl on their very own - as if possessed!
Hey - maybe that's it!! I'm haunted by my 300 pound former self!  Is anyone here an exorcist - I need one STAT!! 

Ok.  Here's the deal.  I brought my good ol' Turkey Chili as an entry.  I know it's healthy.  I know the calories.  And I know it's tasty.  So I'll stick with that.  And water.  My bottle of water should weight my arm down enough to avoid the candy corn.  Have I mentioned that Candy Corn is my Kryptonite?  I've avoided it in the stores - I can't eat what I don't buy - but now it's here!! At work!! And Free!!

Ok.  Back to the plan - turkey chili, water, and maybe I should go buy some gum so my mouth will be occupied?

I've got a plan.  I'll report back tonight.  Along with Friday weigh in and Challenge updates!!



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Dr. Fat To Fit said...

I just left this tip on another blog...Candy corn is CANDY CRACK. Under no circumstances should you let yourself be alone with that shit. It will kill you. Turkey chili, mmmm....Sounds great. I'm hungry. I know what you mean about your hands reaching out like they are possessed. If you find that exorcist, can you give me their name?