Saturday, October 23, 2010

How much is too much??

I may have found it today ....  to much of what you ask??

Too much to do.
Too much to think about.
Too much to plan.
Too much working out.

I'm tired.  Tired of thinking, planning, doing, working out.  I'm tired of fighting my brain over stupid stuff:  Ice Cream is NOT ok.  I do NOT deserve a treat right now. 

Today's plan was: bootcamp, bike ride, swimming.  Sounds like a normal day in my life.  More or less.

Where I went wrong:  got out the door late (you try loading a bike into a tiny VW before you're awake!), didn't have time to grab some breakfast, realized I forgot gloves so I texted my husband to meet me after bootcamp and before bike ride with them.  Did bootcamp - have been trying to ramp it up a little and mximize the benfit.  Went out to car after to head to bike meet up (group ride with local bike shop - I was finally going to be on TIME with a bike that WORKED!).  Got a text from hubby - he's at the wrong meeting point with my gloves!  He's close to the bike shop/meetup point so I meet him there.  Pump up my tires, buy a water bottle (something ELSE I forgot this morning), and finally headed out for a long and hilly bike ride.

*side story*
This part of my day was great - I was slow and there was one of the guys nice enough to stick with me and give me pointers, and for that I'm grateful.  I was thrilled to finally be out ON the bike and training.  I made it up a couple of really tough hills with an outloud mantra of :
I'm strong
I'm able
I'm strong
I'm able
Total ride distance was 20 or so miles - top speed was 49 mph!!!  WOOHOO
*end side story*

After the bike ride, I hurried home, took a hot bath (I still had goosebumps after 45 minutes including a 20 minute warm car ride!!) and sat down to some food (finally!!).  2 eggs and toast later, I felt a little better.  But now I still had a swim on the training schedule.  Packed, fed, and ready - I walked down to the pool. 

I worked on drills a little (I've been watching some good swim videos) and was working towards my 26 laps (not many, just a 'medium' swim) but was losing steam.  at 20 laps, I climbed out of the pool and hit the hot tub.

It was too much.  1:00pm and I was done.  I need a nap, some more food (no - really, not binge, just nutrition), and some time off.  So no more working out today.  And slow tomorrow.  And maybe revamp the training schedule to include some breaks.  Because if I don't do it, my body will. 

So now I'm eating watermelon, planning a great (healthy) dinner, and putting in a movie (Crank 2 - how's that for irony??  Heehee!

Challenge catch up maybe later or tomorrow.  Weigh in yesterday was 193.8 - down another .2.  Pictures nad measurements on Friday - stay tuned!! 

Later everyone!


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