Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I might have to become a morning person...and a NSV

I've been completely immersed in my tri-training so I've been working out every single day.  And some days are 2-fers: 2 workouts.  Well, there just aren't enough hours in a day so I missed a few because life just got in the way and by the time I sat down at night and got ready to workout, there was barely time for one let alone 2.  So for 2 days now, I've gotten up 45 minutes early to get a workout in.  First day was swimming, this morning was biking.  tomorrow is swimming again. 
The big deal is that I got up early.  Folks, I am NOT a morning person.  I would be wearing 2 different socks and 2 different shoes.  But nobody would notice because if I didn't lay my clothes out the night before, I would go to work with no pants on.  It's THAT bad.  I suck at mornings. 
But I got up.  I worked out.  Blearily.  And then headed to work - and forgot to eat.  Mind you, I eat a piece of toast with peanut butter before working out (it's the right combo for me to sustain energy through an hour of working out).  But that's at 5:45AM (*YAWN*).  By 10am I'm starting to feel a little hungry but nothing major. 
And my energy level.  Um....I have spent 2 days resisting the urge to do cartwheels down the hallways of my office.  And if I was SURE I could do one without humiliating myself, I might do it!  I've still got energy for a run at 9pm and now, at 10:30pm, I'm finally starting to fade.  But all day long I'm up, alert, energetic, and very awake.
I probably have the no sugar working in my favor as well.  My blood sugar has certainly evened out - no 2pm Siesta time feeling.  The combination of working out and no sugar - well, I think I've found the key!  (eating sensibly and moving = losing weight - who knew?!  LOL)
Tomorrow is an early morning swim.  And then a late night bike (well, spinner).  And Friday is weigh in day.  I'm kind of excited.  I've seen each morning's preview...but I also know that my body likes to play tricks on me. 
In other news, I created a vision board.  Ideas and pictures of goals.  It was actually kind of hard to do.  I have a few goals - but most of them aren't tangible - there aren't pictures of being able to run when I want and how far I want.  There aren't images  of being able to look at pictures and love what I see.  There is no way to show the look of desire in my husband's eyes (ok - I already see that on a regular basis but I was *AH-OO-GAAAAAH* eyes like in the cartoons more often!)

One huge NSV I had today - I was driving in the car (as usual - communting takes 2+ hours of my day).  and I had pen that I put between my legs (I was tying my hair up with it so I needed one hand on the wheel and the other hand to collect my hair).  I actually had to hold my legs together to keep it there!!  I mean, it wasn't in any danger of really actully going anywhere I don't think....but I definately had to squeeze my thigh together to make sure it didn't fall on the seat! 

I dream of the day I can see daylight between my thighs standing with my feet close together (my husband says the boys call that "factory air" whatever that means!)  But I've never really thought it was possible.  I never thought a lot of things are possible.  I'm beginning to dream of endless possibilities.  And I'm loving it!


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