Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My husband's cooking experiment

My husband can cook.  I've seen him!!  And he cooked for himself before I met him...

So, tonight, when I was on my way home, we talked on the phone about dinner possibilities.  I mentioned some hamburger than needed cooked and walked him through how to defrost it in the microwave. 

So for the rest of the ride home I'm day dreaming of hamburger and a few finger potatoes broiled with seasoning salt....yum!!  I've just run almost 6 miles and I'm hungry!

I arrive home as he's putting the defrosted and crumbled hamburger in a fry pan.  Not the patties on the George Forman as I was envisioning...but I'm not cooking so I'm not putting my opinion in there.  I settle in on my computer, start checking out blogs, and then duck back into the kitchen to refill my water bottle. 

He hands me my dinner plate:  about 2oz of hamburger and some peas....I moan about the small hamburger portion and he mysteriously comments "you need to try it first -  tried something new"

I sniff at it trying to figure out what he put in it - I know my cupboards and frankly we're a little low on everything so I was curious what he scrounged up.  It smelled familiar but I couldn't place it.   I raised an eyebrow (ok - both - I haven't master the single-brow-lift much to my frustration!) and asked him "what IS it?"

His answer?


WTF over??

2 bites and I was convinced.  It's as weird tasting as it sounds.  So I'm eating peanut butter toast for dinner.  blarg.

But he tried - he gets points for that for sure!

And I am going to hide the spices. 



Kevin said...

Cinnamon burgers. That's awesome.. HaHaHa. You got to give him some credit for trying.


amandakiska said...

Too funny! My fella is a very good cook, but every once in a while...