Saturday, October 2, 2010

Progress pictures - compare only 10 pound difference

I finally snapped a couple pictures last night - and, as usual, when I looked at them, I just didn't like what I saw.  There's something different about looking at  full body picture vs. looking at small parts of me in the bathroom mirror.  I can usually try and focus on something I like in the mirror - the shape of my collar bone starting to appear, the fact that I can see down to my toes without contorting myself, the fact that my waist is starting to curve INwards.  But put them all together - and take a picture - and I begin to fret about the stuff I see that I don't like.  So last night, I posted the pictures.  And didn't like them but dismissed it and didn't dwell on it. 
This morning I took another look - and compared.  And while I'm still not entirely thrilled - I AM seeing progress.  Small stuff - little bit of smoothing out of the cottage cheese thighs, my waist is shrinking, just little stuff. 
So here are the before and the after (well, DURING really...)  These will serve me well as my before Bootcamp shots too!

weight: 210

weight: 207

weight: 200

And while the weight difference isn't much - a total of 10 pounds between all 3 pictures, there are changes.  And that's what I'm planning on focusing on. 

Off for a 24 mile bike ride with a new group!  I found a local bike shop that is wonderful!  Let's hope I can keep up and not fall down!



spunkysuzi said...

Your doing great!!

Just Me said...

A 24 mile bike ride sounds awesome. Way to go!

Love the name of your blog, btw, sounds very powerful.

Drazil said...

10 pounds is one helluva start!

Seth said...

Keep it up! While they are there -- not all of the changes are physical! Keep up the hard work.

Allan said...

Looks good to me...