Wednesday, October 13, 2010

quick update - and a huge NSV

I'm still training my butt off - literally!  I'm keeping up with the schedule I set and I'm excited to see progress!  My run times are down, my swimming is good - biking I have no way of measuring.  Boot camp went well, I didn't feel out of place OR out of shape!  All victories!

NSV yesterday that was huge for me...
When I left work and headed for the bus, it was still early - buses to my car only come every 15 min. instead of every 7 during peak hours.  So if I missed it, I was going to be home a precious 15 minutes later.  And I really needed some home alone time - it was a stressful day yesterday just mood wise.  As I entered the bus tunnel, my bus went barrelling past me - down to it's stop on the other end - approx. 1.5 blocks down.  Without thinking - I sprinted.  Yup.   Me.  Sprinted!  I ran full out for the 1.5 blocks and climbed on the bus.  Which - in itself is amazing.  But, even more amazing, is that I wasn't out of breath.  I wasn't winded, sweating, or left wondering if my clothes were still all in place from the massive amounts of body jiggling that would have happened in the past (how many times have I run for the bus, climbed on, waited to catch my breath and then have to rearrange all my clothes that slipped, slid, climbed, or twisted because of the running).  I sat down with a giant grin.  I could run.  and nobody looked around for the defibrillator - it wasn't an alarming situation as it's been in the past. 

I felt pretty darn good about my body and my fitness!  I'm a work in progress and I'm SEEING the progress - it feels pretty darn good. 

I've got several awards I need to post - I will do that later I promise! 



Dr. Fat To Fit said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS NSV! That's what is it about. Changing our life for the better. The little things is what life is made up. Feel proud!

amandakiska said...

SO cool!