Friday, October 15, 2010

So much to say part 1) - challenge check ins

during my swim today - I came up with a great post!  And I have several awards to aknowledge and pass along - and then there's the 3 challenges that I'm in to update today!  I'm drowing in words and need to find more time! 
It's funny how the more I spend time training, the more I have to say.  But the more I spend time training, the less TIME I have to say it!!

So - for now - Challenge updates!

so - let me start with OctoberFast

swim: 24,000 yards
bike: 200 miles
run: 50 miles
Total so far:
Week 1
swim: 8450 yards
bike: 50.4 miles
run: 17.92 miles
Week 2 totals
Swim: 12,250 yards (11,750 to go)
Bike: 65.4 miles (145.6 to go)
run: 22.92 miles (27.08 to go)

I've missed some of my running workouts, that's just life.  I'm making up for it this weekend so look for some big jumps next week!!

Go The Distance Challenge

goal: 50 miles run in October
Total so far: 22.92
Again - I have some running to catch up on so this weekend will be chock full of running!! 

And last - but not least
GAG 2010

Goal: pounds lost by Christmas
Start weight: 200.2
Today's weight: 194.0Total lost so far: 6.2

I'm thrilled with this one - but I'm expecting it to slow down a lot - with all the working out and adding bootcamp, I'm building muscle.  So my measurements at the end of the month should show more progress - but I'm happy with the weight drop so far!!
I've been getting out of bed at the A$$crack of dawn, getting a workout in (swimming, biking or bootcamp) and then heading to work.  I'm thrilled to say I'm still awake and energetic by evening which feels so great!  My blood sugar doesn't spend all day bouncing around and I rarely feel that utter sluggish, sleepy must-sleep-now feeling I used to get.  Cutting the sugar out?  Cutting the junk out?  Working out more?  I don't know which is to blame - or maybe it's just coming down to a great balance of all of it.  Either way, I'm loving it. 

ok - time for me to get back to work - I'll update awards later (I keep saying that!) and also a great metaphor about swimming and weight loss...stay tuned!




Lisa said...

congrats on your 6.2 loss!!

Amy said...

Woo wooo!!! On all these amazing goals met, girl!! I saw your name over at a friends blog, and thought.. how is LauraLynne doing?? So glad to see you are still trecking girl!! Way to go!! BIG hug.. Amy

LauraLynne said...

thanks Amy!