Friday, October 1, 2010

starting a couple of challenges today...

First is Gag 2010.  This is a pounds lost challenge - 12 weeks until Christmas.  There are also POINT challenges - the first one being to create a Vision board.  I'm excited for this challenge - some friendly winter competition to keep me moving in the right direction!  I should have mentioned it early since this challenge is closed now :(  sorry folks, I'm a slacker :(

Next is Big Clyde's Octoberfast mileage challenge.  I pledged to the following distances:
Ok - my mileage goals for October:

swim: 24,000 yards (480 total laps)
bike: 200 miles
run: 50 miles

And finally - because I never do things slowly *sigh* - challenge number 3 is Fatgirlvsworld's go the distance challenge.  My goal is 50 miles of running in October.

So - they all sort of go together - they're not entirely seperate.  but I'm excited to push myself, have some outside accountibility - and some friendly competition. 

Today's weigh in wasn't bad:

Off to work now!


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