Tuesday, November 2, 2010

at the airport - and my vacation 'plan'

Sitting here at the airport at *mumble mumble* time in the morning...I'm excited for our vacation and - at the same time - really nervous.  None of the normal routine - none of my usual foods, no kitchen of my own, all eating out.  This sounds like  a recipe for disaster...but I'm trying to stay positive. 

I packed a separate bag with my work out gear - it's one of my carry ons so at least if they lose my luggage, I can still work out, right?  And I created a one week training plan - mostly running since Las Vegas is fairly flat this might be a good opportunity to get in some longer runs.  And I'm determined to make smart choices when I eat.  But 5 days. 

I can't say I'm not a little worried.  I've been sliding a little lately - I've been really tired, on the verge of going in and having my iron and other blood levels checked.  And tired is a huge trigger for me.  So toast has been disappearing at my house.  It's not candy, it's not chips, and it's not a sugary treat.   Which tells me which item I need to eliminate next.  But - just the same at the other abstinent foods - it scares me.  No sandwiches?  No toast?  No Bagels?  Hmmm...the fact that living without it is so scary is really telling. 

I keep telling myself that a person can't live without bread - and really, how bad is it?!  Well, when I eat EIGHT pieces of toast in one day...ya, that's a problem.  And - as you can only imagine, the scale shows it.  I'm up 2 pounds right now.  But it's only Tuesday - and I'm going to get some Vegas workouts in.  I won't have a scale until I get home on Saturday - so my weigh in will be on Sunday morning.  And I need to remember that as I make food choices and workout decisions. 

It's not easy - but nobody ever said it would be.  But nobody warned me just HOW hard it would be. 

I am having a NSV right now...yes, as you're reading this!  Aren't you excited?!  I'm sitting in an easy chair at the SeaTac airport with my computer on a little table next to me - and my feet - they're tucked up next to my butt.  And once I hit publish, I plan on putting my head down on my knees and getting a little sleep.  The fetal position basically - in a normal chair.  Like....ME!  (I tried to take a picture but it didn't show it very well...sorry!)

Ok - off to get a little sleep before getting on the plane...for another nap!  :)

Viva Las Vegas!



Big Clyde said...

A vacation sounds so fun! Enjoy it...and I think it is so smart for you to focus on exercise. Eating choices might be more challenging, but you will likely walk a lot and extra workouts will really help.

Have fun.

Barbara said...

Have fun on your vacation. Good job planning your workouts ahead of time. If you are going to be eating out and you know where you are going to eat try looking online to see if they have a menu and nutrition information listed. You can plan what you are going to eat ahead of time, that really helps me when I'm going out to eat. Great NSV too, congrats.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Have a wonderful time! I don't know what your eating strategy is, but maybe you can choose to allow smaller indulgences at meals if you cut out snacks. OR, breakfast, lunch, & snacks all healthy, dinner you get to "live" a little food-wise. Congrats on the NSV!

transfer america said...

If you are going to be eating out and you know where you are going to eat try looking online to see if they have a menu and nutrition information listed