Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breaking down a craving….

I’m sitting here at work – my tummy’s relatively full of a delicious lunch – half a tuna sandwich and 2 satsuma oranges. I’ve been drinking my water and I’ve got no complaints…except there’s a rumbling in my brain.

Bread. My brain wants bread. Any kind of bread. Toast would be nice. But a bagel would work – toasted just enough. The topping doesn’t matter. Crackers would work but they’re on the Abstain list. But as I examine this craving I break it down.

Why? I mean why bread, why now – why?

I try and think of what PART of the bread I’m craving – the texture? The flavor? The chewing? The hunger? I can’t put my finger on it. There’s no solid reason for wanting some bread right now. I mean, it does taste good – but food is for hunger. And I’m not hungry. And it smells good – but so does an orange or a pear or the roma tomatoes I have in the work fridge here.

Is there some correlation to needing the carbs? Some mysterious blood sugar foreshadowing? I’d like to think that if my brain can predict the future, it would come up with lotto numbers, not blood sugar levels.

So what is it?

My addiction? The emotional need to eat? Knowing that if I eat bread now, it might create “real” hunger later?

Even knowing it’s not a ‘real need’ – knowing it’s emotional and an addiction – the urge is still there. I’m fighting it and will hopefully win.

I saw 191.6 on the scale this morning. I want to see something in that ballpark again tomorrow for my weigh in. Bread won’t get me there. At least not as an emotional snack 20 minutes after lunch ended. So I’ll try to fight my brain – conquer my addiction. And stay on my journey.




Farewell2Fat4Ever said...

This post is timely for me...I too have cravings this week. I crave potatoes! Fried, baked, chips, mashed...any way I can get them...I want them. But why? I don't know. I feel yucky after I succumb to this craving; so it makes no sense to me...let me know what you figure out, I need help. :)

I hope you succeeded today! ...and if not, don't beat yourself up over it.


KellyNY said...

Those cravings can be killer. You're right though - you're not really hungry. I usually chug a whole bunch of water and try to keep my mind occupied so that it doesn't consume me.

LauraLynne said...

I did make it through with no bread so far - although I had a bullet sandwich at Quizno's for dinner (but the fact that there was bread involved didn't hit me until right now which makes that an OK thing...)
I'm home now - and the craving seems to have passed for now. Until next time...