Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday by the numbers!

Today's weigh in - because I know you all waiting the whole week for this - right?!  :)


I am so close to seeing 18x.x that I can taste it!!  The scale was all over the place this week but today is the lowest from the week so I'm happy with that.  I need to start training again.  I'm still struggling with the blahs. 

The fun numbers this week are my BMI.  I hadn't checked it in awhile.
5'-6" - 240 - 38.7

5'-6" (why can't I get taller as I get lighter?!) - 191 - 30.8

I'm still classified as Obese.  But in 6 pounds - one month or so - I won't be!  185 pounds puts me at 29.8, only Overweight.  155 - only 36 pounds away now - will put me at "normal".  which would be funny if they were talking about my character - but instead is exciting since they're talking about my BMI. 

tomorrow is my last boot camp at the location - next week will be the big test - I will have the at home boot camp and will have to challenge myself to still stick to it.  I haven't signed up for a Thanksgiving Day 5k but will instead run one on my own.  And maybe drag a kid or 2 along with me.  And sweet talk Hubby too.  Or he can man a water station - hee!

I still can't wrap my head around the weather around here.  I'm just blah.  I fall asleep early - I mean come one!  It's dark at 4freaking30 in the daytime!!  So by 8:30 it feels like bedtime! 

And "hey Kids!  get off my lawn!"

Yes.  I'm getting old.  But it sure beats the alternative!

Ok - time to get to work.  I'm leaving early today to go hang with the hubby - maybe catch a matinee movie!  We'll see.  I need to plan out my baking and go shopping for the weekend.

We're also going to pick up my new (to me) car!  Toyota Corolla.  Which has heat at my toes!!  My current ride is a VW convertible - which has defrost (thank God) but no heat anywhere else.  So my toes are permanently frozen.  The new car needs some work.  But hubby is a genius mechanic - among other things - so this car has come to the right home for some TLC. 



Allan said...


Tammy said...

I've had a week of the blahs myself. Oh you will be in the 180's real soon. I love your comment and agree 100% with the sentiment, I would love to get taller with weight loss. I'm 5'3".

Enjoy the new car. My first car was a VW Bug and it had some sort of exhaust or heat that was right at my left ankle. Beside the defrost, it was the only heat in the car. However, if I drove for longer than ten minutes, my ankle would get burned.

Good luck next week and Happy Thanksgiving.

jesseybell said...

Yeah! I am right there with you at 5'6", 191.2 yesterday (well, that was before I went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner last night :)) But the next few weeks will be a challenge. But I can't wait for my scale to say 'Overweight'.

Horray for a new-to-you car!

Raegun said...

You've had some great, go get some more! You will see the 18Xs in no time. ;)

KellyNY said...

The 180s will be here for you before you know it!