Monday, November 1, 2010

No candy here!! And a breakfast lesson!

I never bought any - I was the Halloween GRINCH this year.  Well, not on purpose.  I kind of forgot it was halloween.  My kids were  both busy (teenagers...) and we spent the day going out to breakfast - interesting story there - then a nap (not on purpose!), then off to the gun range for a little pistol shooting (My first time shooting a pistol and I did great!!)  This was done with a .45
Then we headed to church for their 6:30 service and only as we were driving home did I realize it was Halloween!  It was dark out by then and the trick or treaters were dwindling so I put on my Grinch hat and drove right past the grocery store and left the front light off.  I'm pretty sure nobody was going hungy in our neighborhood on account of missing out on one tiny candy from our house. 
And no leftovers!!  WIN!!

So - yesterday's breakfast lesson.  After a hectic morning - fighting with my 16 year old daughter really takes the wind out of my sails - we decided that instead of being late for first service at church, we would go to breakfast instead.  So I ordered eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and toast.  Planning fully to stay within my limits.  I ate one of the eggs, the toast, and 2 slices of bacon.  Then I started on my hashbrowns.  I saved them for last because I really love hashbrowns and haven't had them in months. 
First bite - hmmm...not the hashbrowns I remember, not a warm potato goodness, just *meh* bland a little?
I figured maybe because I hadn't had them in awhile I might need to acclimate myself to them again - I mean, doesn't make sense but what part of my brain's thoughts about food DO make sense?
Second bite - no, not any better.  Decidedly bland.  I add a little salt.  Try and salvage the part of the meal I was most looking forward to.
Third bite - I can't even taste the salt!!  These hashbrowns are a black hole of flavor!!
Fourth bite - but I love them so I'm going to plow through them!!

Then it hit me.

I'm going to "plow through them"?!  What was I doing?!  They didn't taste good, I wasn't going to starve after bacon, egg, and one slice of toast, and did I mention they didn't taste good?  I asked myself BLUNTLY "why are you eating these?!"  And I didn't have a good answer. 

So I put my napkin on the rest of them (and the other 2 eggs - you couldn't order breakfast with anything LESS than 3 eggs...) and my other piece of toast (I only allowed myself one) and pushed my plate away. 

Victory.  It was mine.  Thoughtful - mindful - eating.  I was doing it.  I was sad I didn't get hashbrowns - but I was thrilled about my decision. 

10 months into my journey and I really feel like I've made significant progress.  Sure - the numbers on the scale are great - but numbers alone aren't changing who I am and my relationship with food.  They're the byproduct of making huge changes in how I look at food and how I fuel my body. 

Happy Nov. 1 everyone!

(off to pre-write a few blogs for preparation for my vacation to Vegas!)



Dizzy Girl said...

I love this post! Way to take control of the situation! I love the changes that are happening in my life as well- that's the best part of this process- eh? That's what keeps us going- seeing the progress we're making. Good (no GREAT!) for you! Xoxo-


Ms. M said...

Great job! I try really hard to stop eating foods if they don't taste good. There is no point in wasting calories on foods that taste bad... no matter how much I paid for them.

Hope you have fun in Vegas!

Farewell2Fat4Ever said...

I love that you went pistol shooting. I just started doing that as well! It's really fun. My husband and I joined a shooting range nearby and bought our first home defense gun (it's just a 9 mil). My father in law was nice enough to take us the first time so we knew what we were doing and he let us try his guns. :)

Great job on the "breakfast victory". I am struggling with the food choices I make right now as well. My worst time of nigth is when I'm cleaning up from supper. I always feel like I need to eat that last bite from the pan! grrr...why is this so hard?

Tortuga_Runner said...

Great job, I am still learning to stop when something I used to love doesn't taste so good anymore. Great job!