Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Restaurant Rant! @#$%#%$@%

Ok.  I'll start this with admitting that since I've been watching what I eat, I'm more sensitive to portion sizes.  I also have to admit that I'm a cheap B&tch.  I'll also admit that I rarely go out to new restaurants - I have my faves at home that I stick to.

So - here in Vegas we're in a room without a fridge/microwave (note to self, next time spend the pennies to upgrade).  So my plan for groceries and some meals in the room didn't go as planned.  C'est La Vie.

So we are eating in restaurants for every meal.  And let me just say - I'm shocked.  And grossed out.  For breakfast this morning the SMALLEST offering was a 4 egg omlet.  Lunch I ate a salad - normal portion size - but the sandwiches offered were 12" only - no 6" sandwich even offered!   And dinner tonight was the final straw.  I ordered the smallest (and cheapest) meal on the menu.  Prime Rib - $12.99.  A fatty selection but everything else had sauce, gravy, or deep fried.  The SMALL order was 12oz.  I don't think I've ever ordered 12oz of meat - even before I reduced my portions.

Oh Holy Cow.  My husband ordered ribs - the smallest portion would have toppled Fred Flinstone's car easily.  Neither one of us finished our meals.  I had so much left I was tempted to ask for a refund.  The fresh beans were good, the meat was tasty, the potatoes from scratch - I'm not complaining about quality here.  But looking around the restaurant and seeing the size of the portions that were served to us, I started to really get angry.  I just don't understand.  There aren't "petite portions" even available. 

I'm not criticizing people with big appetites - nor am I critical of people who can eat this quanitity.  I'm just curious why smaller portions aren't even offered.  I'd love to find a place that offered a kid size, healthy meal for a reasonable price. Just cut the portions in half, reduce the cost by even just 25% - but it's not even offered. 

I'm left with no other choice than to order the full portion, pay the full price, and leave over half my meal to be thrown away.  That offends me...angers me.  In the past, I've taken my left overs to go - used them as lunch the next day.  But now - here in Vegas, that's no possible.  And I'm frustrated - and ranting.  Thanks for bearing with me...

Proof is in the pictures.  Before and After:

Tomorrow I'm more prepared - I stopped at the drug store, bought some almonds, some bottled water, and a couple protein bars to use as meal replacement if we can't find somewhere reasonble to eat.  Back up plan is to not order and just nibble off of hubby's plate.  I will find a way to make this work.  I'm just amazed at what I'm seeing.



Lanie Painie said...

How bout the 2 of you split a meal?

I've never been to Vegas, but as I understand it, it's all about enjoying the excess. Not exactly the diet capital of the world.

Allan said...

Healthy food in Las Vegas, and tasty

Carmen said...

what about ordering just off the appetizer menu? or last week at a restaurant i ordered an appetizer portion of a dinner (without all extras, soup salad potato AND vegetable)

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

I know how you feel. The last time I went to a buffet, like 4mo ago maybe longer. I just sat and watched everyone eat and eat. I looked around the room and realized how fat everyone there was. Then I got pissed because I pain the same price to have salad, a baked potato and a tiny piece of roast beef. This is part of the problem in this country. AND think how much food is wasted. It's sickening.

LauraLynne said...

Thanks everyone - I'm glad to know I'm not just off my rocker. Hubby and I will try sharing food - he's not a very healthy eater though so his choices and my choices are very different. It's been a challenge just finding a restaurant that offers a selection that appeases both of us.
I'm determined to try and have a better attitude about all of it today :)
And Allan - I'll look that up, thanks!!

amandakiska said...

What about a buffet? Then you have complete portion control.

I am right there with you on the wasted food. I went to a deli the other day and they didn't have a 1/2 sandwich on the menu. They made me one, but I was really surprised it wasn't even an option. It is easy to see why so many people have weight issues.

LauraLynne said...

I've been wary of buffets - only because of my own self control issues. But hubby and I were talking and I realized that at least at a buffet, I could have a large salad and just a little bit of whatever else I wanted. The Spa Ranch Allen recommended looks great and I think we'll be eating breakfast there tomorrow - but tonight we'll just wander down the strip and try to find a decent priced buffet! :)