Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tonight's dinner...

The last several weeks have been busy - hectic - crazy and packed!  I haven't had  chance to shop, plan, cook or eat a real sit down dinner.  We've eaten at restaurants and snacked in front of the TV (healthy snacks - I've been on plan - just haven't had a family dinner at the kitchen table in WEEKS!).

Tonight I came home - a little late but still determined.  My son followed my instructions and cooked pasta, ground turkey meat, spaghetti sauce and asparagus.  We had spaghetti, at the table, with all Four of us!  I ate only a spoonful of noodles but a handful of asparagus - both covered with turkey meat sauce.  I'm pleasantly full, both physically and emotionally. 

It's been a tough week with my ex. in town, some typical teenage stuff, vacation (which while nice does throw every one's schedule off).  So tonight was just what the Dr. ordered. 

And now I'm going to watch a little Biggest Loser, shed a few tears, and snuggle with hubby (who has hopefully forgotten about the pool and will maybe come with me tomorrow night?!)

Biggest Loser spoiler - WTF?  Ada's family couldn't even put a tiny effing video together for her?  I'm so heartbroken for her and the lack of support she obviously has at home). My family is messed up but I'd like to think that they would at least fake it for the sake of reality TV.  Come on people!!

Ok.  Back to the TV and the hubby!!  G'night folks!


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SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Yeah, her family situation breaks my heart - I can't even imagine that. But how cool was the rest of the cast - I totally guessed they were going to do that and I also totally cried!