Tuesday, November 16, 2010

tried to go swimming tonight - and why Hubby will never go again...

headed to the pool last night with family in tow.  Hubby and son at least - 16 year old girl is grounded without oxygen.  Well, ok, she's allowed oxygen but it was a tough negotiation. 

Hubby's not a fan of public pools - he's grossed out by the idea of all the germs and bodily fluids that are just floating around in there.  So when he asked to go last night, I was elated!  Swimming has been so solitary for me - and if they were coming, I could use THEM as an excuse to go on the rope swing that I usually just watch during my laps....

I began to worry a little when we walked past the window and nobody was in there - was the pool closed?  Were we early?  As we walked up to the front desk, I asked "where is everyone - is the pool closed?"
She quickly - and seemingly routinely answered:  "the pools is being super chlorinated.  There was a contamination earlier"  but that wasn't enough.  She continued: "a little boy POOPED in the pool!"

I quickly turned towards my husband for his reaction.  This IS his worst nightmare (well, outside of being IN the pool when it happened).  He blanched.  Reflexively took a step backwards.  And determinedly set his jaw in his "see - I TOLD you so" face.

I was trying to figure out how to put the words BACK in the lifeguard's mouth or turn back the hands of time or something!  Any hope I had of hubby going swimming with me was fading fast. 

We got our free family pass (for next time?  hmmmm) and headed back outside for the walk home (pool is only about 1/2 mile from the house).  the discussion was rather hillarious.  My husband telling me about his worst pool fears and how he was never going again.  And me trying to reassure them that at least they were on top of the problem and super chlorinating the pool.  He argues that bleach can't possibly kill everything that's in kid poop - and I knew I had lost this arguement and changed the topic. 

So - no swimming last night.  And maybe no swimming again ever for my hubby. 




Lanie Painie said...

omg. Does your husband sit on the toilet? Does he realize that your kids have POOPED in there???

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

What are the odds that it happened the first time he goes with you? Too funny!

Carrie said...

Too funny. Really, what are the odds. Thanks for the chuckle for today.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny, but sad too! Glad the staff was on top of it... bummer that they blurted it out infront of the hubbs!