Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update #1 - measurements!

Ok - I'm home, doing laundry - dropped the kids off with their dad (he was high, he takes massive doses of painkillers - pained ME to leave them there).  Now I'm chilling - and I stepped gingerly on the scale and it's down - I'll have an "official" weigh in tomorrow morning since after dinner and at night doesn't really count...I just couldn't stop myself! 
On to update #1 - measurements. 

Arms: last month 14.5, this month 14.5 - no change in measurement but I see more definition!
Bust: last month 41, this month 40.5 (my husband groaned LOL)
Hips: last month 45, this month 43 - 2 inches gone!!  Boot camp is really paying off!!  I'll have to find a substitute for when my sessions are used up!
Thighs: last month 26, this month 24.5 - 1.5" gone - holy moley I'm excited!
Calves: last month 17.5, this month 17 - "only" .5" but the definition is amazing - I'll try and take photos

Stay tuned as I work furiously on getting my house cleaned, dealing with stuff the kids left behind and need while they stay with their dad, and getting my blog up to date!!

Tomorrow:  Updated pictures!


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