Thursday, December 16, 2010

checking in - hanging in there - and there's a Holiday coming??

Hee...ya, I just realized that Christmas is like...NEXT WEEKEND!!  Um.  I'd better start shopping.

We have plans for this holiday - our families are overwhelming at the holidays and trying to juggle everything and everyone is always more than we care to think about.  And - I think like a lot of people - we get into the middle of it, throw our hands up and say "next year we're going into HIDING for Christmas!!"

Well, this year we sort of ARE!  We rented a house on the Oregon coast and we leave on Wednesday, come home on Sunday.  Christmas just the 4 of us - I know it won't be perfect but it will be GREAT!  I'm working on the menu for while we're there - healthy and clean foods!  I'm bringing warm clothes for long walks on the beach, we're bringing boards games, the Wii, and NO computers!  Can you tell I'm excited!

I'm still pretty distracted by stress and it's showing in what I eat.  I'm not binging but I'm not abstaining either.  I wouldn't call it a happy medium - but I would call it "surviving".  And it's the best I've got for now. 
I'm maintaining my weight AND my sanity.  I haven't been reading other blogs - I've been falling asleep so early at night, I'm just exhausted with everything going on.    But that means less hours of eating, right?  I mean if I'm asleep by 10 instead of midnight - that's one less snack (healthy or not) that I'm eating.  (I'm still the queen of Rationalizing...sigh)

In our puppy news - we're working on getting the rescue we adopted her from closed down.  For good.  I've since found out some pretty heinous information about them and will begin a sincere campaign to have their doors closed and penalties enforced.  They KNEW they had parvo in their house.  They adopted out a dog recently who contracted it and survived.  So bringing in a litter of puppies into a parvo infected house - and then DENYING it is downright irresponsible and inhumane.  Am I angry?  You bet I am.  I still picture those last 6 days of that puppy fighting for her life.  And ultimately losing.  And now OUR house is infected with parvo - which means no puppies or un-vaccinated dogs for AT LEAST a year - more if we want to be safe about it.  We WILL be doing the responsible thing in that regard.

I hope every one's Holidays are going well - that your journeys are still moving in the direction you planned and that love and the spirit of Christmas is alive for all of you!!



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amandakiska said...

Your holiday plan sounds, well, perfect!

I guess I missed the parvo/puppy death episode. So sorry! That sucks bad! I used to be the Director of Operations for the Southwest Washington Humane Society in Vancouver and I know parvo is a really, really horrible disease. That is shameful that they weren't honest about having a potential infection issue.