Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 3 - no candy - so far so good

And by Good I mean "Good LORD this is hard".  *sigh*

Today's Friday - and I've got a fridge stocked with healthy food so my resolve is to not go to the grocery store/convenience store/mini mart so that I can avoid the temptation of buying candy. 
We had an open house at my husband's shop yesterday - I single handed-ly served food to 200 men with only 2 crock pots and a electric griddle.  20 cans of chili, 15 pounds of meatballs, and 2 family size jars of BBQ sauce were the 'main course'.  Side dishes were bags of chips, veggie and fruit trays, and cookies.  Nothing fancy - these are car aficionado's, not food critics.  Today I'm beat.  Very tired, very sore, and really just READY for the weekend. 


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