Monday, January 31, 2011

it's Monday! that means I survived the weekend, right?

well, the jury's still out but I'd say I mostly survived.  I ate pretty healthy - no candy...until...*sigh* Cadbury Creme eggs.  I had to return a redbox movie to the grocery store (you know, the VERY store I've been avoiding!?!) and I went by myself.  I also had to pick up some more Unisom (I've got hyperemisis and Unisom keeps the morning sickness/throwing up under control enough to avoid ER visits).  As I practically ran from the back of the store (where the Unisom is) to the register (where the Cadbury Eggs are) I mentally argued with myself and lost.  I picked up ONE Cadbury eggs (which I count as a victory - I usually eat them in pairs AND they were on sale 2 for $1 - a trick my brain readily falls for).  I unwrapped it before I left the store, tossed the wrapper in the can out front, and gobbled that egg down before I pulled into my driveway less than 2 minutes later.
I'm so ashamed.  But I'm not letting it derail me.  I did well the rest of the weekend and I'm willing to forgive myself one sweet (but off-limit) treat. 
For the record, my list of justificiations:
  1. it was only one
  2. it's not a candy bar - you'll have to be  more SPECIFIC next time when you say 'candy'
  3. I can eat it before I get home
  4. nobody will know
  5. you did SO well the last 48 hours, you deserve a treat
  6. tomorrow's monday, start again
  7. Tuesday's a new month, start again
  8. you don't feel good, you deserve this
  9. a bunch of other things that I don't really have words for - just a giant flood of emotions
None of those really justify breaking abstinence.  Not at all.  So I'm moving forward.  Today I will not eat candy.  Including Cadbury Eggs.  I will deal with tomorrow tomorrow. 

In baby news - my husband commented yesterday as I was stepping out of the shower "you're getting a belly on you!"  My reply?  "where have you BEEN the last several weeks?!"  I need to take a picture - I'm not just showing, I'm getting asked about my due date, I'm getting seats on the bus, I've packed away all my pre-pregnancy clothes, I'm only wearing pants with elastic waistbands...HELLO HUBBY!! 

I need opinions....he's thinking that after our "big" ultrasound, we'll throw a party to announce if this is a boy or a girl.  We had a pizza dinner for our closest friends and family to announce our pregnancy and while I'm THRILLED he's excited - I'm a little anxious about all the attention.  And another party feels like too much attention.  What have other people done?  What are your thoughts on having an "announce the sex" party?  I'd be excited to be invited to one - thrilled to lavish attention on my friends - but being the center of attention is not my strong suit.  (On the other hand I'm picturing requesting people to wear Pink or Blue and then pitting them against each other in games of chance until we finally reveal the winning "Team"....but that sounds an awful lot like something from a TV sitcom AKA "Cheesy")

That's all the news for now!!


amandakiska said...

I know you have a different opinion, but I think when we make foods forbidden, it just makes it that much harder to abstain from them. I usually have two servings of very good, high quality chocolate each week. When I eat it, I savor it. I enjoy it. I don't feel one bit guilty about it. And it is SATISFYING! If I'm ashamed and berating myself and stuffing food in my face, I don't enjoy it nor do I feel satisfied. Which makes me want more. I now have no problem avoiding sweets that aren't my favorites. Like I had no interest in my kids' Halloween candy this year.

Anyways...just something to think about. Love your blog!

Amy @ Findingfitme said...

I some ideas for the baby thing. Bring an envelope to the US. Have the tech write the sex and seal it in a envelope. Don't let her tell you. If you don't want a party then go to a higher end store. Pick out one pinkish thing and one bluish baby items. I picked loveies. Have the sales person take both items to the back with the envelope. Instruct them to wrap the right item. Take it home and open the gift as a family. For a party do the same but get a cake. Instruct the baker to put pink or blue frosting in the middle, then you won't find out until you cut the cake.

It was only one egg :-)