Thursday, February 3, 2011

why am I excited about 205??

well...because that means that even while baby's growing, I'm keeping my weight steady!!  It's funny how staying the same feels like a win right now.  I'm making healthy choices most of the time but I'm not limiting much (I'm even not doing great on the candy front - when I feel icky and tired and *fill in the blank* I really just can't stop thinking about it - Addicted?  *sigh*)
But I'm walking a little more - just little stuff, parking farther, getting off the bus earlier, walking around work - but it all counts. 
It's funny how it's easy to give someone else credit for their small steps when it's hard to credit ourselves - anyone else feel that way?  I commented on a fellow blogger about she is walking home from work - it's 3 miles.  She was bummed about walking and I commented that it counts for activity points (she's doing WW).  And while I'm not doing WW, I don't give myself any credit for walking to/from the bus (3/4 mile each way) and the walking I do at work etc.  In my brain - for me - it only counts if I'm walking for pure exercise.  So I'm trying to change that.  It does count.  Even for me!



Lisa said...

What the heck??? BABY??? Where have I been????? CONGRATS!!!!!

Verity Vaudeville said...

I know exactly what you mean. Perhaps because we are us, naturally it would follow that we're going to be the toughest of critics. Yet can see and feel the efforts of those we hold in some esteem more than we would ourselves. I come from a larger size and am now in the maintence phase, so whilst I know I don't have to do lots, I add little bits to and from work. Because it is so so easy to revert to where I've worked hard to come from. When I'm starting to feel the urge to hide away and eat crap, I really know it's a symptom of something else. So I go out and I get the blood pumping and eventually the feeling subsides. Doesn't always work of course, but what alternative do I have?

In the same way that you have no alternative but to add little bits here and there, which add up to a lot over time. You should try to see your efforts objectively, and think to yourself 'well so and so did this amount of exercise and I was pleased for her, maybe I can be happy for me'. You deserve it :)