Friday, March 11, 2011

made it through the week

and still sugar free!  I'm struggling a little with random comments from people about how "big" I am - it's hard not to take it personally.  I try and focus on the fact that "big" = healthy baby, I'm all baby belly, I still have a waist (from the sides) and I should (but won't) measure my thighs and calves but I'm pretty sure they haven't changed much.  My weight gain has slowed down - I was up to 220, now down to 218 but still eating plenty!  I don't even want to count how many calories I was eating in a day - and probably 40% of it from sugar/junk. 
I keep reminding myself that the less I put on now, the less I have to take off later (keeping it to a healthy weight gain, NOT a weight loss situation here).
Meanwhile - baby boy is kicking and rolling and punching in there - constantly reminding me of his presence.  Hubby's felt him once now - but tried to feel him at night but it's hit or miss.  I suspect from this point on, it will get MUCH easier, he's moved up higher and might have flipped around (he was breech at 20wk). 
I am looking at my "no sugar" as temporary to see if I can make it the remaining 16.5 weeks without it.  I think that I will re-evaluate at that point and probably remain sugar-free but am just going to focus on one day at a time. 

That's my brief update!


Monday, March 7, 2011

rash decision...but it needs to be done...

Just a quick check in - this morning's breakfast got me thinking...
Typically I've been eating toast every morning.  And I've been using cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top because, well, because frankly I'm out of control.  With my sugar consumption.  This morning was the final straw.  For reasons I don't completely understand. But I'm going with it...

Pregnancy or not - I'm eating too much sugar. It's become my go-to food.  And it's out of control. 
So this morning, I quit.  Cold Turkey.  Without any pre-meditation.  Peanut butter toast from this point forward.  And no snickers with lunch.  And no cadbury eggs at the grocery store.  And no ice cream, sprinkle donuts, random candy bars to curb hunger. 

It's going to mean more planning.  I still have to eat every hour or so to keep the m/s from getting out of control.  But it's NOT sugar that I need.  It's sugar that I want...but not need. 
So today is Day 1.  Again.  I know.  But I know it's what I need to do.  Not want.  For sure.  But need. 
Want vs. need.  A great post for another day...

Until then, nearly 23 weeks pregnant and already grumpy, I'm giving up sugar cold turkey. 
(my brain is already coming up with "exceptions" - there's a cupcake party in the works, there are baby showers I will be the guest of honor at - that means cake! - and there's the occassional Cadbury egg I don't WANT to resist...)

So here's to Day 1.  Again.