Friday, January 13, 2012

Look who's still alive!!

And gearing up to start working out again.  As the new baby reaches his 6 month 'birthday' I'm ready to start.  Why has it taken me this long?  It's a long list.  Mostly excuses.  Some more valid than others (new mom, breastfeeding, new job) some not as valid (I would have to give up junk food again, I would have to make the time, I would have to get off my butt and find my motivation again).
That's where the blog comes in handy again.  I'm going to use it again as my motivation.  Use the "audience" that's implied to get my butt moving again.  I don't have a scale anymore and haven't decided if I will replace it (it broke, I know I'm 200 pounds post baby but I haven't seen the number in a couple weeks now). 
I'm jump starting all of it by signing up for races.  A couple sprint Triathalons and joining a relay for a half ironman - yes, really! 
This entry is short - just a "hi, how are you?!" until I have time to write more.  But I'm here.  I'm back.  I'm getting ready to lose the final 50 pounds.  And help anyone else willing to join me on this journey!
Meanwhile - here's a picture of my amazing baby boy - born July 17, 2011.  That's a blog unto itself!