Friday, July 13, 2012

sneaking in to say "hi" and I'm still alive!

Baby will be one on Monday - I've been training again, finally.  I've done one tri, one 5 k and this weekend I'm on a relay team as the swimmer for a half ironman.  My weight has gone from 240 (9 months pregnant) to 198 (6 weeks postpartum) to 214.5 from inattentiveness.
I'm currently sitting at 202.5 - I started watching what I eat and really tracking workouts a month ago.  Down 12 pounds in one month.  I've got pictures but since I'm posting from work, they're going to have to wait!!
I do have a gratuitous baby picture though:

and a picture of me on the bike portion of my sprint Tri last month:

I'll add more of the missing details over the next week or so.  I really need to get rolling on this blog again.  I know I draw inspiration from reading other people's journeys and hopefully someone can get the same from me!

Until next time!

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Valerie (seattlerunnergirl) said...

Glad you're back and happy to know we'll see more of you. Nice work on catching the inattention and nipping it in the bud. You did WAY better at that than I did!!