Long Term Goals
weight: 150 pounds
Body Fat: <20%
pants size: 6
Run an entire 1/2 marathon
participate in a full marathon
complete a half ironman
knee high boots that fit my calves
good example for my daughter
make healthy eating a habit
make working out a daily habit
sit in a movie theater with my heels on the seat
Under 210 - DONE

Run 1 mile continuously - DONE
100 sit ups - Um...
Start working the 12 steps - DONE 3/3/10
Track all food daily - mostly done
Sign up for April 5K - DONE 3/23/10
Sign up for Summer Tri - not yet
Sign up for Fall 1/2 Marathon - Done 3/22/10
fit into size 14 jeans - Done 3/15/10
Take progress pictures - Done
Make 5 new receipes - I think so...